At Chapman Herbert Architects we are proud of our reputation for architectural quality, creativity and integrity. Over the last twenty-nine years Chapman Herbert Architects has produced many of the most notable architectural projects in the South East region of South Australia in terms of innovation and design. Because of our extensive experience over many years of professional service, Chapman Herbert Architects can offer:

-      Experience on a wide range of projects involving both new buildings and redevelopment works;

-      An established relationship with local government departments across the region and an intimate knowledge of services and providers; 

-      An inherent understanding of physical, social, and climatic factors affecting design and construction throughout south eastern South Australia; 

-      A working relationship with local contractors and tradespeople, knowledge of local building materials and an understanding of applicable construction techniques methodology; 

-      Offices in Mount Gambier and Adelaide allow us to offer full professional architectural services across the region and to draw on the expertise and experience of both offices;

-      A sound knowledge of ESD principals and their successful application into the finished product to create appropriate, site specific and individual solutions. 

Chapman Herbert Architects has an excellent and respected product delivery reputation, achieved through years of experience, quality design and documentation, and by delivering projects on time and within budget.