Alexandrina Council Heritage Awards – Heritage Restoration Award

Lake View House

This is a very fine example of Conservation Practice – the complete restoration of the historic “Lake View House” between 2005 & 2007. The house was built circa 1850 by pioneer George Tucker, and remained a Tucker property until 1999. This two-storey mansion has been completely renovated inside and out in the understated Georgian style. The existing roof & verandah have been replaced while the original pressed metal ceilings on the ground floor, matchboard ceiling of the upper storey and interior staircase have been restored and retained.

RAIA - Sir James Irwin President's Medal

Awarded to David Chapman and Stephen Herbert

For exemplary service to, and promotion of the profession of architecture.

Edmund Wright Heritage Awards - Heritage Places (Non Residential)

City Hall & Cave Garden II Redevelopment – Mt Gambier

This award recognises outstanding achievement in the conservation or sympathetic re-use of a non-residential place, for example; commercial, public and industrial buildings.

Edmund Wright Heritage Awards - Minister’s Award for Outstanding Contribution

City Hall & Cave Garden II Redevelopment – Mt Gambier

The annual Edmund Wright Heritage Awards, coordinated by the Department for Environment and Heritage, recognise excellence and commitment to heritage conservation and promotion in South Australia.

RAIA Commendation (Heritage)

Mount Gambier Eye Station

Jury comments included:

The Mt Gambier Eye Station project demonstrates the successful rescue of a disused but historically significant building. Adaptation and change of use from vastly differing function were challenges that were well addressed. The result is a credit to the vision of the architect and collaboration with the client; the integrity and identity of the 1950’s landmark building is maintained, and the functional needs of a 21st century optometry consulting and retail outlet are well integrated.

RAIA Commendation (Commercial)

Automated Solutions Australia - Supplier Park Facility

Jury comments included:

This is essentially an industrial warehouse with attached administration offices. The offices are designed to create a strong visual presence on the site, and draw the eye away from an existing substation on the prominent corner. The design theme is taken from the existing graphic of the company logo. The owner project managed the construction, and the importance of good communication and documentation is recognised in this Commendation.

RAIA Commendation (Heritage)

Mount Gambier City Hall Redevelopment

The Mount Gambier City Hall redevelopment is part of an important heritage group which includes the Town Hall and the early and later Institute Halls on Commercial Street. The project has successfully created a new ‘front’ for the original Institute Building (renamed City Hall) allowing a better connection with the newer municipal buildings across the Cave Gardens. The City Hall redevelopment project has incorporated detailed heritage restoration of the upper levels, including major leadlight ceiling panels and the important gothic stairs of the original Institute Building.

RAIA - Sustainable Architecture

The Menzies Wine Room and Retreat, Coonawarra

Jury comments included:

The architects are commended for their excellent use of local and/or recycled building materials. Whilst the palette of materials adopted is unmistakably Australian it is also ESD friendly. There has also been an appropriate selection of heating and cooling systems for the local South East climate.

The building form, reminiscent of homestead structures in rural Australia, avoids the temptation to use extensive glass, instead opting for thermally appropriate picture windows which are shaded by rammed earth blade walls. This feature creates an enjoyable intimate feeling from within the building and a striking aspect to the building's exterior.

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RAIA - Recycling & Conservation

Wynns Coonawarra Estate: Gables Building

Jury comments included:

Behind one of the most recognizable building facades in Australia, Wynns have recycled the storage areas to house their administration offices, upgraded cellar door sales and laboratories.

Most of the existing structure has been left alone, so that the old timber beams and boards retain all the characteristic charm of the old cellars. Within this the new elements are attached, either as simple planes of plywood defining functional areas and pathways, or a series of discrete pavilions to accommodate the administration offices. A well-detailed, tasteful and restrained intervention which is respectful to the original forms and structure.

BHP - Colorbond Steel Award

Balnaves Coonawarra Winery

Jury comments included:

The Balnaves Coonawarra Winery building continues a theme which began with the Cellar Door Sales building designed by the same architects in 1992.

While the design delivers at the practical, functional level it also addresses design opportunities which are often overlooked in projects of this type. The composition of simply curved forms relates well to the nearby original building while the use of colour blends with and acknowledges the changing seasonal tonings of the surrounding vineyard.

RAIA - Residential Architecture

Fortis Grove Country House, Mt Gambier

Jury comments included:

An adventurous and vivacious exploration of materials, colours, spaces and shapes. The architect has utilised thoughtfully Mt Gambier stone overlaid with Colorbond corrugated iron to achieve walls of excellent thermal quality.

The external surface hues sit comfortably alongside the reds, greens and ochres of the adjoining horticulture, pine forests and vineyards. Whilst the finer details are raw and hybrid, the overall impression is a warm family home for very pleasant living.

RAIA - Commercial

Tantanoola Pulp Mill

Jury comments included:

The project provides the community with a fine example of the potentially diverse role of architects; not necessarily as design leaders but as collaborators and contributors to the design process, regardless of the nature of the building. In this project structures were not to be perceived as buildings, making the architect's role a challenge which has been successfully handled.

Architectural design skills have been combined with state of the art chemical, mechanical, electronic and structural engineering and project management to produce a graceful industrial icon within a rural landscape.

RAIA - New Building

Balnaves Coonawarra Wine Sales

Jury comments included:

The architect is to be congratulated on guiding the client into financing a unique building in the area. The expression of the concept is very appropriate to the building's function and to its rural site. The architect has approached the environmental control considerations and cost effectiveness in a responsible manner. The proximity of the structure to the manmade trout lake creates an ambience and attitude which is most appropriate to the building's use.